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Laser Carbon Facial

CThe most ideal treatment to control acne breakouts, open pores, oily skin

3D Hifu Face Lift

A Non0Invasive treatment to tpromote skin tightenning

Fractional RF Skin Resurfacing

Indicated to treat uneven skin and acne scars

Laser Pigmentation Treatment

Treats facial pigmentation, birth marks. melasma

FibroBlast Eye Lift

State of the art treatment to reduce sagging eye lids


Non Invasive modern rf treatment to stimulate skin collagen

Wrinkle Fillers

Long lasting Hyluronic fillers to fade out fine lines and wrinkles

Teeth Whitening

EU approved non-peroxide and totally pain free


Totally Pain-Free Laser.

Latest ttechnology of pain free laser for any skin types. and can also be done in Summer

Tattoo Removal

With our innovative equipment, Tattoo removal is made rasier to handle

Laser Vein Treatment

A very effective treatment using a special laser machine with minimal to no downtime

Stretch Marks Treatment

Minimally invasive treatment to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and flabby skin on the body


Cool Lipo

Recommended for those who want to reduce that extra fat  which is difficult to reduce by diet only

Lipo Lax

Very effective specialised meso therapy treatment to reduce unwanted fat pockets all over the bod

Lipo Sonix

An intensive ultrasound treatment that treasts fat up to 13mm deep under the skin


PRF Hair Rejuvination

Totally safe and effective treatment to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth

PRF fACE Rejuvination

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PRP Hair Rejuvination

Totally safe and effective treatment to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth

PRP skin rejuvination

Totally safe and effective treatment to promote new collagen to reduce lines and wrinkles




Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening

EU and CE approved - Totally Safe



ImuPro Screen - 22

Food intolerance test

ImuPro Screen+ - 44  

Food intolerance test

ImuPro Basic - 90

Food intolerance test

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