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About Us

Dermatec Med Aesthetic Clinic is proud to provide both medical and aesthetical treatments using state of the art equipment to give the best results possible. We are ongoing upgrading our equipment with the latest innovative machinery whilst also continuously introducing new technologies to offer the best service ever to our clientele.

At Dermatec, one will find a dedicated team to cater for the specific needs of our clients, who are ready to help and give the best advise and solutions to satisfy our clientele's requests.

Aesthetical Services

MaxiCool Fat Freezing 

Non Invasive Fat Removal

MonaLase SHR Laser Hair Removal

Totally Pain Free


RF Face Thightening

Ultherapy (HIFU)

Ultrasound Face Lift

PRP Hair Restoration

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Laser Carbon Facial

Carbon Face Purification

Lipo Lax

Fat Burning mesotherapy

Fibroblast Therapy

Non-Invasive skin improvement

Tattoo Removal

Latest Technology

Teeth Whitening

EU Approved Non Peroxide

Nutrition Care Services

ImuPro Screen - 22

Food intolerance test

ImuPro Screen+ - 44  

Food intolerance test

ImuPro Basic - 90

Food intolerance test



DNA-Gene Diet

Personalised Diet Plan



Health Services

Terms and Conditions

All prices for services shown on this website are exclusive of VAT.

All prices for products shown on this website are VAT included.

Certain treatments may be exempt from an 18% VAT charge.

All agreements, consent forms and application forms are done in English language.